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Our mission is to provide the youth of Chester, PA, with a transformative soccer experience, under the direction of the Philadelphia Union and its Foundation. We aim to empower young athletes, instilling values of teamwork, discipline, and personal growth, while promoting access to the sport and fostering community engagement. Through soccer, we strive to create a positive impact in the lives of our players, their families, and the broader Chester community.


Chester Soccer Initiative is made up of two major components:


  1. Chester Union, a philanthropic soccer club for Chester boys and girls of all ages.

  2. Development, operation and funding of the High School Boys and Girl's teams of the Chester School District.



Through the power of soccer the Philadelphia Union Foundation plans to safely grow the beautiful game in Chester by creating opportunities and transforming lives.

Our plan is to invite, inspire, and involve the youth of Chester to join a new philanthropic soccer club. By creating a safe environment where they can feel included and have fun. To develop a love of the game and be a part of something bigger than themselves. 

Chester Union will be full philanthropic soccer at no cost to the Chester community. 

We are looking to form teams for boys and girls of all ages.  As we look to build these teams and launch the club we are offering play days every Friday and Saturday at our new WSFS Bank Sportsplex.  No experience necessary. Visit for the most up to date information. 

We already have a HS age boys team training and competing. We will continue building and our goal is to form teams for fall of 2024 if not sooner.  Come join Chester Union and be the first to wear the Chester Union crest. 


Follow us on our social media platforms as we unveil our street line of gear in the coming months. Our instagram and ticktok handle is @chesterunion

Chester HS Boys Team.jpg


The Philadelphia Union Foundation in 2019 brought soccer back to Chester after 30 years. The foundation supports, funds and handles the development of the Chester High School boys and girls teams. The Chester High School teams are made up of students from Chester High School, STEM Academy, and Chester Charter Scholars Academy and they compete in the PIAA each fall. 


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