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The Rebuild initiative is phenomenal and it changes lives as well as communities. It’s great to hear the noise of balls bouncing, children laughing and the community coming back to life on our playgrounds, on the courts and with the new loved sport of Soccer.

-Jamila Rahman, F.J. Myers recreation leader


The Philadelphia Union Foundation is deeply dedicated to harnessing the power of soccer as a catalyst for transformative change within our community. Through our "Safe Spaces" initiative, in collaboration with other organizations that share our passion we pledge to construct state-of-the-art mini pitches.

We have wholeheartedly aligned with the U.S. Soccer Foundation's ambitious vision of establishing 1,000 new specialized soccer arenas across the nation by 2026, aiming to promote healthier lifestyles and more active youth.

In a pioneering move back in 2015, the Union Foundation unveiled its inaugural Union-themed mini-pitch at Stetser Elementary School in Chester, PA. This momentum continued when a subsequent mini-pitch was inaugurated at Main Street Elementary School in Chester a few years later.

Marking a significant milestone on July 17, 2019, the Philadelphia Union Foundation collaborated with Eastern Pennsylvania Youth Soccer, Rebuild, and Parks & Recreation. This partnership aims to construct an impressive 15 mini-pitches and two standout fields over the forthcoming five years. To date we have constructed 4 and broke ground the next 1 and about to have the ground opening of the next 2.  


Soccer, the globe's most beloved sport, is rapidly gaining traction in Philadelphia. Numerous youth and adult soccer leagues hone their skills on Parks & Rec fields. However, years of continuous play have taken a toll on many of these grounds. In the upcoming five years, the city will witness the construction of mini-pitches at 15 strategic locations and the Philadelphia Union Foundation has joined them in this endeavor. Two prime sites will be graced with expansive, cutting-edge fields. This monumental $3.5 million endeavor ensures that countless soccer enthusiasts can train and compete on top-tier fields right in their local communities. We are proud to help fund this and team up with REBUILD, EPYSA and the City of Philadelphia


Here are five things every soccer fan should know about this historic investment in Philadelphia soccer:

  1. Two Philadelphia parks will receive new, state of the art, full-sized turf soccer fields. The first signature field will be built in Southwest Philadelphia. This area is home to many of the top performing teams in the Philadelphia International Unity Cup.

  2. 15 mini-pitch sites will be built over the next 5 years.

  3. A mini-pitch is a small, customized area designed for four-a-side organized soccer programs and pick-up games. You can build a mini-pitch almost anywhere. Old tennis or basketball courts, or turf or grass fields are potential sites.

  4. We’ll built the first mini-pitch at Capitolo Playground. The site is home to three youth soccer leagues that serve over 600 young people each year. 

  5. If you’re interested in bringing a mini-pitch to your neighborhood park, email


Francis J. Myers Recreation Center



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