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At the illustrious Crystal Tea Room in the heart of Philadelphia's Wanamaker Building, the Philadelphia Union Foundation celebrated a triumphant evening, securing an impressive $282,000 at its Legends of Soccer Fundraising Gala.


These funds, passionately raised with a vision to transform lives through the universal language of soccer, will empower the Foundation's key initiatives. Notably, the iAM Project stands out, aimed at bolstering the dreams of Chester's high school students. Additionally, the funds will fuel the creation of mini-pitches across Philadelphia, bolster soccer programs in Chester, and uplift the surrounding communities with numerous other ventures.

The evening was adorned by the recognition of Legends of Soccer in Philadelphia: Dan Hilferty, the spearhead of Philadelphia Soccer 2026; the voice of the game, JP Dellacamera, Philadelphia Union Commentator; and Chris Branscome, the dynamic CEO of the Eastern Pennsylvania Youth Soccer Association. Each of these luminaries was honored not just for their unparalleled contribution to American soccer, but also for ensuring that soccer's magic reaches far beyond the green expanse of the pitch.

Paul Howard, Executive Director of the Philadelphia Union Foundation, expressed his elation, "Tonight wasn't just about recognizing the monumental contributions of Dan, JP, and Chris to soccer in Philadelphia. It was a heartfelt celebration of soccer's capacity to transform lives. The Gala, year after year, serves as a testament to the unyielding power of the sport, and every penny raised propels our Foundation's mission to touch even more lives."



Join us at the heart of Philadelphia's vibrant soccer community as we embark on yet another spectacular evening at the Legends of Soccer Fundraising Gala, held at the iconic Crystal Tea Room. By partnering with us, sponsoring the event, contributing exclusive auction items, or volunteering your time, you aren't merely supporting a gala; you're championing a cause that uplifts entire communities and transforms lives through the beautiful game. Dive deep into an experience where every action echoes far beyond the pitch, creating lasting impacts in Chester's schools and neighborhoods. Be an integral part of this journey, shoulder-to-shoulder with luminaries and legends, and together, let's amplify soccer's profound potential to make a difference. Your involvement will not just elevate the event – it will etch your mark in a legacy of community betterment and soccer's ever-growing narrative in America.



This year's planning is already underway. Check back from time to time to see more details and learn ways to become apart of this year's gala.  

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